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our mission

Soundmind’s mission is to transform senior living by empowering older adults, assisting caregivers, and strengthening intergenerational relationships.

  • happy residents

    With Soundmind, community members are less isolated, more engaged, and enjoy a better quality of life. Facilities have seen a 44% reduction in depression scores!

  • Superhero Staff

    Request routing and tracking helps streamline workflow. Personalized content lets staff connect with residents and perform their job better.

  • Best In-Class Communities

    Improve customer ratings at your facility by using the best voice-activated management system for smart living.

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Soundmind’s voice assistants are secure, easy to use, and fully personalized with care plans, calendars, reminders, music, family contacts, curated content and many more features optimized for senior living.


Find out how much time and money you save with Soundmind

Number of rooms

1 room

Annual savings:


139 hours of staff time

the clients that share our mission:


Facilities using Soundmind have resident adoption rates of 95% compared to less than 10% adoption of smartphones and laptops.

"We are delighted to see how much the residents have utilized Soundmind and Alexa. The pilot was a success thanks to you and your team."

Joseph / IT Director

"It's like a companion. All I have to do is ask to get what I need."

Carmen / Resident, 81-years-old

“My residents feel more connected to the digital world that many of their children and grandchildren operate in.”

Debbie / Activities Director

our features

Soundmind's web platform centrally manages and customized voice assistants (like Alexa) to deliver high quality care.

  • Concierge

    All you need to know and services on demand

  • Communication

    Connect to staff, family, and the outside world

  • Curated content

    Enjoy the best the media and audio in the whole wide world

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