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We give residents and caregivers a new voice

We started this company because of our parents and grandparents. We witnessed them struggle with the challenges of aging that require professional care. While searching for senior care providers, we saw that 90% of them are understaffed and they needed smarter tools to provide care. 

Speaking with a voice assistant like Alexa is an incredibly easy way to access the web without the need to type on keyboards. It is quicker than typing since the average person types 40 words per minute (wpm) vs talking 150 wpm. That’s a 375% improvement in efficiency!  Also, since people in the room speak with the voice assistant together, it creates a sense of transparency and social connection. 

That’s why it is our mission to ensure older adults and caregivers have a ‘voice’ to help them live happier, healthier lives.

  • Erum Azeez


  • Andy Kropa

    Chief Product Officer

  • David rubin

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Surinder Singh

    Strategy and Finance

  • Pavan Abhange

    Full Stack Developer

  • Regina Melly

    Business Development

  • Darcy Petry

    Client Success Manager


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