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  • “I think they get a kick out of her, and also feel more connected to the digital world that many of their grandchildren (and children) operate in.” - Activities Director at a Soundmind client

  • “I reviewed your results. We are delighted to see how much the residents have utilized the Connect the dots and Alexa. The pilot was a success thanks to you and your team. It’s a pleasure as always!” - IT director at Soundmind client.

  • “It helps when I get up for the bathroom and night and I don’t have to walk through obstacles to see the time. I can just ask Alexa.” - Resident at a Soundmind client

  • “Having Alexa in our home has saved me so much time since residents can ask questions and I don’t have to run to my office to look up answers on my office computer.” -Activities Director, at a Soundmind client

  • “I spoke to a colleague a couple of weeks ago and mentioned how terrific it was working with Soundmind!” -VP of Business Development at a Soundmind client

  • “I haven’t thought about that in 60 years” - Anne, 80 years old

  • “You mean I can ask Alexa to play any radio station? I need this to replace my radio. Can I buy one from you today?”- Rosa, 82 years old, member at Senior Planet.

  • “I found myself particularly motivated in the [Memory Lane] event. I have Alexa and excited about the near future planned expansion of functionality.” -Bob, Senior Planet student and potential sales associate of Memory Lane.

  • “Thank you, Alexa” - Lucinda, 84 years old

  • “I can see how this can be useful”- Stacy, 90 years old

  • “One resident, who is a doctor, and his wife were THRILLED when he was able to access NPR in his room, and listen to classical music. He had been lacking stimulation while resting in the room, and the Alexa really made an impact on his daily routine.”

  • “Another resident expressed having access to music through the Alexa helped to cut down the distress of his hallucinations after he lost his vision. He expressed over and over again to us during visits how the ability to hear beauty in his environment made it easier to tolerate losing his vision.”