Quantitative & Qualitative Outcomes Overview 

Soundmind is a voice-activated ecosystem for senior care focused on three pillars: Concierge services, Curated Content and Communications.  Soundmind’s voice assistants are secure, easy to use, and fully personalized with surveys, calendars, menus, workflow routing, music, cognitive games, family contacts and many other features optimized for senior living.   Soundmind’s client roster encompasses the entire senior living continuum and can be found in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities and Homecare.


On July 1, 2019, Hudson Pointe at Riverdale Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility, comprised of 167 short and long term beds, began implementing a 30 day pilot of Soundmind’s voice assistant platform using Echo Show devices.  The goal of the pilot was to test the efficacy of Soundmind’s technology as a virtual concierge and patient engagement platform.  The Soundmind devices were initially installed in nine short term residents’ rooms and one common room where residents have physical therapy appointments. Most residents were of limited mobility or disabled.  A Soundmind survey was administered to the residents, by Hudson Pointe staff, at the end of the pilot to gauge overall satisfaction with the technology.

Report Summary:  Soundmind was widely accepted and embraced by Hudson Pointe’s residents; there were 5,190 interactions during the month, with 28 daily interactions per resident on average.  There was a 100% adoption rate of the Soundmind technology at Hudson Pointe as compared to SNF-industry technology implementations where 30-35% adoption rates are more common. Soundmind was most frequently queried for music and weather, although 11% of the requests were Hudson Pointe specific requests, e.g. menus and events that can only be accessed through Soundmind’s system.  Staff observed the Echo Show devices helped residents in the pilot feel happier and more entertained.  Residents reported having Soundmind helped reduce boredom and gave them a connection to the outside world that they were otherwise lacking.  Culturally relevant content was delivered through the Soundmind devices, as in the case of one resident and his brother, also a resident; they watched Bollywood and Indian music videos together on the Soundmind device.  This particular resident’s initial reaction was that he did not need Soundmind, however he became the top user overall and credited Soundmind with helping him feel less lonely and isolated.  Most residents interviewed felt everyone at Hudson Pointe should have access to a Soundmind Echo Show device as evidenced by a 9.57 average on a scale of 10 when asked “How likely is it that you would recommend the Soundmind Amazon show system to another resident?”

Next Steps:  Many of the residents expressed interest in television controls and using Soundmind’s voice activated software through the TV.  The Amazon Fire Cube device, together with Soundmind, can voice enable TV controls and allow residents to access TV, movies and the full range of Soundmind experiences on their TVs.  

The Soundmind pilot at Hudson Pointe was well received, however the entire scope of Soundmind’s cost saving capabilities were not tested.  A number of existing Soundmind installations have started implementing workflow routing requests, which enables resident requests to be routed automatically via voice to the least cost, most appropriate staff member.  One Soundmind site is setting medication reminders  for their residents, which has drastically reduced calls from residents to nursing staff.  Residents are prompted via Echo Shows one hour before their medications are to be taken then 5 minutes before the prescribed medication time.   One other site is using Soundmind to route help calls to a centralized resource, instead of multiple, disparate staff receiving calls.  At another site, Soundmind has a custom integration for therapy appointments which reduced staff labor tremendously.  Instead of printing out individual appointments daily and taping them to the door of each resident, they can upload schedules with a click of a button and residents can access their calendars instantly, on command. One hour of work is now one minute.  These are just a few examples of the cost saving benefits Soundmind is delivering and there will be more to come.

Based on these findings, it is highly recommended that Hudson Pointe move forward with implementing Soundmind in the remainder of the building.   Soundmind would advise a mix of Echo Show and Fire Cube devices which would allow Hudson Pointe to deliver Soundmind’s Virtual Concierge, Content and Communications via the device preferred by the resident.


Below are reports from Hudson Pointe residents and staff on how Soundmind, and its Voice First technology, benefited them: 

“Everyone should get one.  Sometimes music is better than watching TV.”

“Music is great.  Good for the residents.”

“Loves Indian music and movies on Youtube.”

“The idea and system is very helpful to patient and family.”