Quantitative & Qualitative Outcomes Overview 

Soundmind Inc is a voice-activated ecosystem for senior care focused on three pillars: Concierge services, Curated Content and Communications.  Soundmind’s voice assistants are secure, easy to use, and fully personalized with surveys, calendars, menus, workflow routing, music, cognitive games, family contacts and many other features optimized for senior living.   Soundmind’s client roster encompasses the entire senior living continuum; Soundmind is found in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities and Homecare.


In April of 2018, The New Jewish Home’s Sarah Neuman’s campus, a Skilled Nursing Facility, comprised of 300 short- and long-term beds, began implementing Soundmind’s voice assistant platform using Echo Show devices.  The goal of the deployment was to test the efficacy of Soundmind’s technology as a virtual concierge and patient engagement platform.  The Soundmind devices were initially installed in nine short term patients rooms .  Based on the success and wide scale adoption of Soundmind in the Smallhouses, Soundmind was expanded to include Sarah Neuman’s short-term patients. These are individuals who come into Sarah Neuman for rehabilitation, then return home.  Soundmind devices were placed in patients’ rooms with each patient receiving their own Soundmind device.  A number of Soundmind devices were also placed in common areas, e.g., living rooms in the Smallhouses.  Patients and staff were trained individually on Soundmind capabilities and currently there are over 100 Soundmind Amazon Shows installed and in use at Sarah Neuman.

Report Summary:  Soundmind was widely accepted and embraced by Sarah Neuman’s patients.   There was over a 95% adoption rate of the Soundmind technology at Sarah Neuman as compared to prior technology implementations at Sarah Neuman where 30-35% adoption rates were seen.  Soundmind was most frequently queried for music.  One of the most impressive outcomes seen was a 44% reduction in depression among Soundmind users on Sarah Neuman’s long- term floors.  For these users, the MDS data from the period April through August 2018 was measured against the MDS data from September 2018 to January 2019; Soundmind was installed in August of 2018.  

PHQ9 (Depression Scale) Results: The PHQ9, a standardized depression scale, was used to measure self-reported indicators of depression prior to Soundmind implementation and then six months post Soundmind implementation.  Sarah Neuman then benchmarked the Soundmind users against patients who did not have Soundmind; in the period from September 2018 to January 2019, the Soundmind users reported a 44% reduction in depression, while the non-Soundmind users reported a 14% reduction in depression during the same period.

Qualitative Data on Benefits Over Time: The Sarah Neuman patients interacted frequently with Soundmind; the most frequent user had 3595 Soundmind interactions in one month. Music and weather were the most frequent queries.  A number of unexpected outcomes also occurred with Soundmind users at Sarah Neuman.  Eight patients moved from short term rooms, where they had Soundmind, to a long term room where Soundmind was not present.  They requested Soundmind be placed in their new rooms as they had become accustomed to the interaction.   Approximately, 12% of the Soundmind users in Sarah Neuman’s short term wing wanted to know how they could bring Soundmind home upon their discharge.  Soundmind recently integrated a new Amazon device, the Firecube, into their software.  The Firecube allows individuals, coupled with Soundmind, to control their TVs by voice.  Soundmind installed a Firecube solution at Sarah Neuman which allowed a quadriplegic to change TV channels with vocal commands.   


Soundmind customers are some of the most respected companies in senior living.  Below are reports from front line staff on how Soundmind, and its Voice First technology, benefited their communities: 

"People like to be cared for and they liked to be acknowledged. And this has been a way to do that.

- Andrew Hackbarth, Director of Operations at Lott Residence

The Staff ministers to the sick, Alexa ministers to soul

- Resident at The New Jewish Home