the problem

We give residents and caregivers a new voice

Senior living is a rewarding experience for administrators and staff, but it can be hard without the right tools to help improve operations and increase resident satisfaction. This is especially difficult when there is low staff retention and understaffed communities.

With Soundmind, residents simply speak to make requests that are routed to the right member of staff streamlining workflow. They can also connect with family and friends, easily access music and news, and many other online services without the need of a smartphone.

We are showing residents a whole new world. Here are just some of our commands.

our features

Soundmind centrally manages and customizes voice assistants (like Alexa) to deliver high quality care.

React to the needs of the community

  • Survey residents’ likes and dislikes
  • Collect interests to plan new events
  • Stellar employees rise to the occasion

Make Family A Part Of The Community

  • Mobile access on iOS and Android
  • Send messages and pictures via text
  • Bond over new experiences

All Voice Assistant Capabilities

  • Stream music, podcasts, and TV shows
  • Fall asleep to relaxing sounds of nature
  • News, information, weather, and more

Residents Manage Their Time

  • Up-to-date calendars and menus
  • Add appointments
  • Set reminders

Staff Operates More Efficiently

  • Find out what residents want
  • Prioritized workflows
  • Perform tasks on the go

Make Aging Fun

  • Learn to be entertained
  • Built around resident lifestyles
  • Reduce social isolation

Bring voice to your community today!

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